chake Community Development Program

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Chake Community Development Program

The chake community development program is a community  based program, anon-profit making  organization, working to support  a sustainable community and to be stress  free by enhancing our friends and neighbors of all ages, tribes, religion, education, health, safety and well being.

The chake community represents a diverse friendly and neighborhood that will provide a full time and a daily activities and services of those with various needs, social activities and volunteer opportunities through multigenerational connections and partnership with voluntarily  donations, friends, schools, churches, mosques, youth groups, women groups, ministry of health and other government arms and departments that will build a good, strong interrelationship and assistance, therefore improving the lives to a happier, healthier and empowered community.

As a community, we need to improve a sense of one belonging help, interdependence and mutual understanding, support and donations to support the under privileged in the society.

General information

Chake is a Kiswahili word meaning theirs (his/hers). From the support of   friends, well wishers, donors, and other organization like you, chake has  brought touchable changes in health living, well being and improving the living standards to the marginalized communities we are living with in Kenya and the rest of the world. The program of chake focuses on health and prevention of communicable diseases that can be cured by vaccination, treatment of curable diseases, provide clothes, shoes, blankets, food, walking sticks, wheelchairs, hearing aids etc to the disabled, elderly, orphans and all those at risk.

We want to make total change to those who can not afford and can not be recognized by the rich people in Kenya. [email protected]

The work and action of chake is accelerated and made possible by the generous donations from friends, foundations, donors, volunteers, and other well wishers like you who want to make change on other people’s lives.

Chake community development program was founded by  Dr. Charles Bwo-Ogongo, Richard Nyabuto, Daniel Moti, Veronicah Nduku, Naomi Okenye and others with a heart of helping and making a change on people’s lives.

Chake community development program with other friends like Ruth Cunningham, Frank Jensen, Susan parsley, Rev. Joel Rutto, Mr.Ondimu Samson, Caleb Maragia, and many more are our major supporters of chake.