chake Community Development Program

We care but the Lord supplies


Board of management

  1. Dr. Charles Bwo-ogongo CEO.
  2. Mr. Daniel Moti
  3. Mrs. Veronicah Nduku.
  4. Mr. Caleb Maragia.
  5. Mr. Richard Nyabuto.
  6. Mr. Thomas Ole Babu.
  7. Pastor Joel Rutto.
  8. Pastor John Mwita.
  9. Mrs. Naom Okenye.

10.    Mrs. Beatrice Daniel.

Chake staff


  1. Richard Nyabuto                  2. Mwende Mahal
  1. Job chepteng                     4. John Mwita
  1. Naftal Osero                       6. Kennedy Samwel
  1. Pastor Abel Morang,a         8. Wesley Sigei


 Causes of poverty

Our activities


  1. We treat and train people on how to stay with the      Disabled, elderly, orphans,  Aids victims, widows       etc
  1. We rehabilitate houses for the elderly
  2. We provide clothes to the orphans, elderly,                    widows and 


  1. We offer food
  2. Care for the above
  3. We take to school the disabled, orphans, and           those with Vulnerable situations.
  1. We refer those with complicated cases to big               hospitals
  2. We identify problems and try to help.
  3. We conserve and maintain nature.    



Narok county

JTransmara                   JDikkir   

JSerena                      JKichwa tembo

JKaawai                      JLolgorian

JNgararo                     JOsupuko

JMurgan                      JEsoit          

JNjipship                    JBusangi

JKirindoni                   JEnoosaen 


Our next target;


  1. Narok
  2. Mai mahiu
  3. Nturere
  4. Talek
  5. Mara Rianta
  6. Aitong
  7. Mau Narok


Thanks for your interests in volunteering with chake community development program. We really appreciate it. We count on the skills, energy and the compassion spirit of our volunteers to help us in other places and ways to make our work easier and succeed.

We have various opportunities for volunteers;

1. Making the people aware and collecting the gifts that others may wish to give chake, but you MUST register with us, this can be  done here in Kenya or outside Kenya with terms of agreement.

2. You can assist us to do a fundraising for Chake program here in Kenya, Africa and the rest of the world, we welcome you.

3. Events volunteers; for the events to succeed we need you volunteers to help us.

4. Health personnel - we need health officers who can offer free services at a given period to our program people who need these services, are; orphans, elderly, widows, disabled, asthmatic, epileptic etc.

5. Chake is also looking for personnel who can offer to voluntarily design our communication systems, graphic design and website development.

6. Chake is looking for partners, sponsors, foundations who can assist to build a female hostel for ladies in Kenya.

 To donate  for help.


When you donate to chake community development program, you can give gifts that really matters to people like wheelchairs, walking sticks, spectacles, hearing aids, clothes, blankets, shoes and medical facilities.

You can also give cash by donating to our donate button on

  1. You can either do your monthly contributions, yearly, or just select one whom you will be sponsoring.

  2. We appreciate all that you donate be it little or large that is what you are able to give, and chake is comfortable with it.

  3. For all donations that you will make we shall send you an email to tell you what it has done in details and our breakdown budget.

Our progress/Achievements;


  1. We have taken orphans to school,
  2. We have provided clothes to orphans, widows & elderly,
  3. Created awareness about the disabled, elderly & widows,
  4. Started hygiene groups in schools, villages and churches & mosques,
  5. Rehabilitated houses for elderly,
  6. Created awareness and partnered with all stakeholders, government and private sectors, villages women groups, widow groups  and self help groups,
  7. Have registered over 1500 disabled, 200 elderly,2500 widows, 3800 orphans etc,
  8. Resqued and referred cases of other vulnerable cases to hospitals for further management like jigger affected people, asthmatic, epileptic, diabetic, hypertension and those with complicated delivery case
  9. We have managed to plant trees,
  10. Protect and maintain water sources and its catchment.