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Message from the founder:

With over 2million children in Kenya are orphans, 8.5 million women are widows, 7.7million people are elderly, and 6 million people including children are disabled. With over 2.6million Kenyans are affected by jiggers, asthma, tuberculosis, HIV/Aids and more other diseases. Others lack clean water, food, clothes, shoes, blankets, and even don’t have toilets etc. we decided to do this work so as to create awareness to Kenyans and the world at large.

 We came to realize that nobody has ever done a comprehensive survey to determine the problems that people are facing and how to solve them, therefore its hard to tell the number of people having certain problems at a given place.

 I came to realize that disabled children are in hideouts and are not going to school since they are not recognized and not supported to get their rights at the right time. Most of them are blind, deaf, crippled, asthmatic etc. we have therefore gone to the villages to identify and give support where we can so as to make them have the necessary they need i.e. taking them to school, free treatment at our facility, vaccinations, food, clothes, shoes, removing jiggers, wheel chairs, spectacles, hearing aids, walking sticks etc.


 With our target of eradicating poverty and changing lives, our vision 2020 we need to take over 12,500 children to school, treat 5,000 people free with other diseases, 15,000 people with jiggers, 20,000 without shelter to be accommodated well, orphans to be cared well and sponsored to school and other professional courses.

We wish all those who can help us to donate through,


Dr. Charles Bwo-ogongo,

CEO/Chake community

development program



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[email protected]


Chake Community Development Program provides a smile to those who don’t have hope in their lives and hearts.

Our vision

To improve the living standards of the community


Chake community development program works to support health, safety and well-being, identify, unite, solve, teach, and empower those without any Sociology-economy for sustainable development


  1. To improve the status and the living standards of the community.
  2. To assist the underprivileged in the community.
  3. To nature, promote and improve talents of children’s, widows, elderly and disabled.

  4. To support the orphans to get basic needs.
  5. To carry out immunization programs.
  6. To offer medical treatment programs.
  7. To support education programs.
  8. To assist the widows.
  9. To assist and care for the elderly persons.
  10. To promote and maintain peace.
  11. To eradicate jiggers.
  12. To campaign against HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis.
  13. To maintain, promote and conserve nature.
  14. To maintain, conserve and protect water, hygiene and sanitation.
  15. To co-operate with responsible authorities to execute any plans and accomplish any projects which in view of the program are for the betterment of the community.

  16. To buy, own, build a hospital of every nature and kind, dispensary, children’s home, widows and a home for the elderly.
  17. To buy, hire or acquire land or grounds for building for the purpose of expanding the program, sports, gymnastics, meetings, learning, training, seminars etc.



  1. Chake is a registered community based organization in Kenya under the act of Kenya. (Started in February 6- 2013.)
  2. It’s a Non profit making organization.
  3. A non political organization.

It works with other partners like:

  1.  Ministry gender and sports.
  2.  Youth groups.
  3.  Ministry of health.
  4.  Co-operate bodies.
  5.  The community.
  6.  Self help groups.
  7.  Churches/Mosques.
  8.  Widow groups
  9.  Other NGOS.
  10.  Media.
  11.  Kws
  12.  Forest department
  13.  Provincial Administration.
  14.  Ahadi Kenya Trust
  15.  Mashangwa orphanage
  16.  Sarah orphans